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One year later: Working at Middlesbrough College as a Digital Marketing Apprentice

24 Jun 2024

I can’t believe it has been a year since I started my apprenticeship! As cliche as it is, it really has flown by. My time so far working at the College has taught me a lot both in and outside of work, but I can tell my confidence has improved the most.

Working in education marketing has taught me that no workday is ever really the same. I’m always completing and assisting with different tasks including graphics, photography, copywriting, website uploading and more! There are also out-of-office days like helping with graduation, student awards, and open events. Overall, there’s such a variation of things that I will do in a week, and I love it! Anything that involves going around the college and finding out what the other departments are up to is my favourite type of work. I always get the chance to meet new people and share positive moments and achievements of the staff and students.  

Choosing the path of an apprenticeship was the best option for me as I last mentioned a year ago, standard classroom learning just wasn’t the best way for me to develop my skills enough to progress. I have one release day a week where I can work from home doing college work, revising, and having online training sessions. I’ve done all my work at my own pace with constant support from both my workplace and apprenticeship assessor. A mix of independence and flexibility has contributed to my learning, and what I believe to be a huge help to me passing my Principles of Marketing and Principles of Coding exams recently! All I have left to do is finish an online course, polish off my portfolio, and complete my end-point assessment.

A massive part of my development has also been my colleagues! As I mentioned last year, I can express any ideas and thoughts with my team, and we always collaborate and brainstorm which helps massively with the bigger marketing tasks. Working in an environment where everyone gets along and has a laugh together but can also give any support or guidance, I need in my work is lovely! The people you work with definitely make the biggest difference to your day-to-day and I’m very grateful for the whole office!

All in all, I’ve done so many different things in marketing for the College. I have built my skillset up massively and I feel prepared and ready to progress.

For anyone who is thinking of going into an apprenticeship (especially with Middlesbrough College), I would definitely recommend it!

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