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Firstsource take the next step to create Middlesbrough opportunities

10 Oct 2022
Firstsource Apprentices

Opening the doors to their Middlesbrough site in 2017, Firstsource Solutions have already created over 500 new jobs for the Tees Valley community and have now taken the next step to recruit apprentices with Northern Skills.

Northern Skills have helped take this customer service advisor apprenticeship to the next level by providing a personalised programme developed specifically for Firstsource apprentices. This development ensures the material Firstsource apprentices are being taught is beneficial to their working role, which Middlesbrough College tutors will help deliver.

Thomas Peacock, training recruitment consultant at Northern Skills, said: “This offering is a fantastic programme for budding professionals who are looking to learn and develop at a large company. Firstsource have been so supportive to the current apprentices, and we know they will continue to do so for future applicants too.

“It is such an exciting opportunity, and I would urge people to apply for an apprenticeship with Firstsource.”

Samantha Johns, associate director at Firstsource, said: “Our first apprentices joined us only 3 weeks ago; however, they are already thriving.

“Here at Firstsource, staff morale is so important, that is why we listen to our team members and try our hardest to create the best working environment possible. Our office areas are built with our staff in mind, we have a pool table, X-box and music stations so our staff can relax and unwind during their breaks.

“Before our apprentices joined us, we developed a 7-week training scheme to run alongside their classroom-based learning, to ensure they are confident in their duties before shifts begin.

“We really want to do everything we can to help our apprentices succeed here at Firstsource.”

This partnership means more people in the Tees Valley area are being provided with the opportunity to up-skill and gain a qualification whilst earning a wage, which can be so important for those starting out on their own or with young families.

Current Firstsource apprentice, Kipras Keliauskas, tells us about his experience so far: “The staff I have worked with so have been so friendly, yet professional and great at teaching us what we need to know. There is constant support for us, I already feel confident that I am going to do well here.

“It feels so refreshing to be heard, I have been in positions in the past where my employers have dismissed my opinions because of my lower status however that is not the case here.”

As a training provider, Northern Skills are excited to be offering a bespoke programme to Firstsource. This means the apprentices will be learning exactly what they need to thrive at Firstsource, which is brilliant for everyone involved.

Annalise Ferguson, apprentice at Firstsource, comments: “Even though we are only 3 weeks into our apprenticeship, we have already been introduced to other areas of the company and have discussed progression once our qualifications are complete.

“Not only do I feel more confident in my future, but I also feel more confident in my personal life, what we have learnt about good and bad debt is helping me plan my own finances. It feels too good to be true at times – my work life balance is better than it has ever been!”

In addition to the 5 apprentices Firstsource have employed, the team are still looking for more budding professionals to join their workforce. To find out more, or to apply for an apprenticeship role, click here to visit our Apprenticeship Vacancies page.

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