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Apprentice Support

We provide on-going support to employers and apprentices to ensure their mutual success.

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Experts in supporting you and your apprentice

We know that your apprentice is valued by you as an integral part of your workforce. We also know that sometimes valuing them is not enough to keep them especially in the current employment climate where skilled people are in demand in all sectors.  

Did you know that our apprenticeship team offer not only essential development of the skills, knowledge and behaviours that your apprentice needs to achieve their apprenticeship and move on to the next step in their journey, we also offer a range of wrap around support should you or your apprentice need it. 

We’re here to support your apprentice to add value to your business and contribute to your growth, so please get in touch with us if you’re facing any barriers to your mutual success and we’ll work with you to come to a positive solution. 

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Our support includes:

Additional support needs

Our Additional Learning Support team are on hand to support with all learning need assessments and can help your apprentices to access support strategies to overcome any barriers to learning. 

Personal support, welfare and safeguarding

We have a dedicated Student Services team who lead on Safeguarding and Welfare services for all our learners including apprentices. This includes Safeguarding referrals and counselling referrals. 


Our online ‘Request tutorial’ service, offers a range of supportive tutorials covering topics like Microsoft Packages, Referencing and Searching Expertly alongside a bespoke request service for anything your apprentice may need help with. 

Thrive for learners

Thrive is a programme dedicated to developing our learner’s personal skills, behaviours, and attitudes to learning, life and work and provides our learners with access to enrichment activities, information on personal safety, welfare, equality and diversity, healthy relationships, staying safe online, skills for employment, social action projects, development of academic skills and UCAS information. 


The Wellbeing area within your apprentices e-portfolio (Smart Assessor) is populated with over 30 resources, signposting to a range of mental health and wellbeing websites and tools to support apprentices in this area including topics covering information on anxiety, money advice and online counselling services. This sits alongside our Preparing for Life in Modern Britain course which highlights a wide range of in-month hot topics focusing on developing an understanding of the 4 British Values (Democracy, Rule of Law, Respect and Tolerance and Individual Liberty) and the role your apprentices play in these both in the workplace and in the community. 

Information, advice and careers guidance

Our MC careers team are on hand to support and advise apprentices of their next steps or possible routeways to support their career aspirations and make the right decisions for their future career- including routes that they may not have considered. These include Higher Education opportunities, progression onto a higher-level apprenticeship, employability support and impartial careers advice.

Talk to us about your next step

Our friendly team are always happy to help! Get in touch with us to get your questions answered and to find out more about apprenticeships, or sign up to our monthly bulletin for the latest vacancies.