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Thomas Styan, Ambition Tees

1 June 2023
Lou Tonner And Thomas Stayn

Tom approached Wander Films after completing his masters in design because he wanted to pursue a carer in digital marketing and felt the company was exciting! Born in Middlesbrough the opportunity to join an exciting team from the area really stuck out, especially one involved in video production.

Wander Films instantly knew that Tom would be a great team fit and loved his passion for learning new things! Wander Films have a fantastic relationship with the Middlesbrough College Group and Tom began his apprenticeship in Level 3 Digital Marketing. After achieving his qualification, Tom was offered a permanent full-time position at Wander Films as digital marketer.

Tom said: “I enjoyed studying my Level 3 Digital Marketing apprenticeship. I learnt skills in graphic design, marketing strategy, reporting, social media ads, social media management, newsletter writing and podcast management.”

Wander Films said: “Tom did an incredible job during his apprenticeship and added so much value to his clients and the Wander team. We knew early on we wanted Tom to continue his career at Wander so after his apprenticeship he was offered a full-time position as a digital marketer. Tom has a progression path at Wander Films and we’re stoked to have him as part of the team!”

Apprenticeship Standard: Level 3 Digital Marketing