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Simon Fletcher, Baker Street Kitchen

14 October 2022
Simon Fletcher

Simon Fletcher, Managing Director and owner of Baker Street Kitchen, chats about his experience working with Northern Skills to develop his workforce.

“Northern Skills have been very supportive in the development of the team at Baker Street Kitchen. We have built a fantastic relationship over the past few years, both with the recruitment team, skills managers, and on-site assessors. The team are always available to get hold of and will work with us to ensure our apprentices are getting the support they need.”

Baker Street Kitchen was already trading as a café when Simon saw potential to build on what the previous owners had created and develop it further. Four years ago, he invested heavily, giving the business a full refurbishment to take it to the next level, alongside the apprenticeship programme now in place.

“Northern Skills have helped us retain and develop a successful team, we have Lewis who completed his apprenticeship and has now progressed to be a duty manager, Ben who completed a chef apprenticeship and is now a key asset in our kitchen brigade. We currently also have Luke working as a kitchen apprentice.

“Working with Northern Skills couldn’t have been easier and more successful; I would highly recommend them.”