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Neal Smith, North East Door Systems

20 March 2024
Neal Smith with T Level students

“Here at North East Door Systems, we stumbled upon the T Level Course by chance through a family friend requiring a placement to help them pass their course, we quickly realised it was a fantastic way of getting a look at great pool of young talent and promptly signed up for 4 more placements. We have been really impressed with all the placements, they all have a great attitude and a keen interest to learn.

“We will be looking to recruit off the back of this project with a view to getting them through an in-trade apprenticeship once they have completed the course, we have also signed up for next year and are looking forward to meeting the next group potential employees. It is a great course with brilliant benefits, and we also feel like we are giving a bit back by providing the opportunity.

“Coming from an industry that can be difficult to recruit in, we are happy to spend the time to train and invest in the next generation of door engineers in partnership with Middlesbrough College.”