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Helen Winskill

15 December 2023
Helen Winskill With Eddie Ford

At the Northern Skills Apprenticeship awards 2023, Helen Winskill was awarded Level 5 Management Apprentice of the Year. Whilst working at the Cleveland Fire Service, Helen produced excellent work in the form of assignments and skills based evidence from her role, showing a positive and conscientious attitude throughout the apprenticeship.  She worked tirelessly to ensure she developed her skills and career prospects and is known for her hard work and great work ethic.

“I was really surprised and grateful to win this award. I love learning and have enjoyed taking on this challenge.

As busy working mam, it was a big challenge to take on, so it was nice to be recognised for the time and effort that I have put in. I have been fortunate to receive expert guidance from my tutor and support from my employer which has made it possible for me to complete the apprenticeship.”

Apprenticeship: Level 5 Diploma Leaders and Managers

Employer: Cleveland Fire Service