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Grace Davis, Wander Films

30 June 2022
Grace Davis

Grace, originally from Wales, moved to the North East to study a degree level course at the Northern School of Art. As she loved the area and friendly people, Grace decided to stay in Teesside after completing her degree and started to search for a career in her desired area. After struggling to find a position in the career she wanted, Grace decided to venture into the world of apprenticeships and hasn’t looked back since!

We spoke to Grace about her experience as an apprentice so far, she said “A typical day for me as an apprentice includes arriving at my workplace and completing tasks that can vary from answering phone calls and emails, creating documents and spreadsheets, collaborating with the team, planning projects and events, managing clients, research for projects and assignment work… and obviously having heaps of fun while doing it. Wander Films is a really creative and friendly place to work and this definitely helps when completing my assignments for my apprenticeship as everyone is there to help and teach me new skills in the workplace.

Studying my apprenticeship through Northern Skills has been a great way for me to develop knowledge that we get taught on the course and then apply it to my workplace, which means I am constantly learning and improving my skills. I feel like doing this apprenticeship is definitely helping me develop the skills and attitudes that I will need in a future career in producing. By being in the workplace most of the time I am constantly learning from professionals and understanding the industry on a deeper level.

Northern Skills are one of the top providers for apprenticeships in the region and I had heard a lot of good things about them so decided to apply to an apprenticeship vacancy. I was struggling to get a job in the career I wanted to go into due to being entry level after university and saw this as an opportunity to get into the industry I wanted to be in. The support has been amazing from my tutor. They have helped me to complete work and have given me the encouragement to do the best that I can and everyone has been an extremely friendly and I have gotten on well with others on my course.

I think the best part of my apprenticeship is being able to apply my skills in the workplace and actually working in an industry that I would struggle to get into with no or little experience prior. Wander has giving me the space to develop and learn skills that I wouldn’t necessarily have if my course was mainly classroom based. I enjoy going to work and having an exciting day, it definitely motivates me to do my best and Wander films is 100% a workplace that values these things.

I would definitely recommend apprenticeships to others as you get to learn on the job and get that workplace experience that you wouldn’t get through traditional study routes”

Apprenticeship Standard: Level 3 Business Administration