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Carley Clarke

26 June 2024

We caught up with Carley Clarke about her Level 3 Dental Nursing Apprenticeship with Murton Dental Clinic!

She said: “I absolutely love it. I’m 35 and a single parent so was unsure about retraining at first, but I think because I have a passion for the industry, it’s made all the difference and I’ve found it much easier than I first thought.

“Before starting the apprenticeship, I had experience in retail management and as a receptionist, so I had all the relevant people skills – I just needed this apprenticeship to help me with the clinical side of things, and it’s become my favourite aspect of the role.

“The application process and working with Northern Skills has been really positive. My tutor, Sarah Stanton, and employer, Louise Hugill, have been fantastic – my apprenticeship wouldn’t have been the same without their support!

“After my apprenticeship, I’m hoping to study an Access course and then go to University for Dental Therapy. It will be a lengthy process but my passion for the role has made me enjoy it so much more and I’m willing to put the work in.”

Louise Hugill, Practice Manager at Murton Dental Clinic and Carley’s employer, said: “Having Carley has had a huge impact on the business – not only is it cost-effective, but brings new talent and ideas to push the business.

“I’ve personally found having an apprentice a great experience and one which I would be very happy to continue – especially with Northern Skills!”

Level 3 Dental Nursing Apprentice at Murton Dental Clinic