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Avid Pro Tools 110

3 days
Part Time
Middlehaven (Main Building)
Close up of music track on computer

Course overview

  • Manage large track counts and multiple channels of simultaneous inputs and outputs
  • Create appropriate Pro Tools software and hardware settings
  • Select appropriate settings in the Playback Engine dialog
  • Set up and modify input/output (I/O) settings
  • Assess and integrate virtual instruments and specialized plugins for specific music and
  • Utilise advanced recording techniques to capture multiple record takes in succession
  • Analyse Elastic Audio processors and methods to select appropriate options
  • Utilise Elastic Audio techniques MIDI Real-Time Properties to achieve desired tempo and/or rhythmic effects and outcomes
  • Apply clip-based editing techniques to audio and MIDI tracks
  • Incorporate automated mixing techniques into a Pro Tools workflow for selective during a session post-production tasks automation

Course Fee: