Our Updated Apprenticeship Offering

We have temporarily put a hold on new starts in Hairdressing and Beauty or Catering and Hospitality, however if you are looking to gain a qualification, complete work experience or take on a placement student in one of these areas we can help you below!

Are you looking to work or train in any of the above service sectors?

We have temporarily put a hold on new starts in Hairdressing and Beauty or Catering and Hospitality, however we do offer incredible full time programmes with work placements in these areas. By completing a work placement alongside a full-time course, you can gain the vital experience and skills needed for future employment in your chosen industry, whilst spending the majority of your time in the classroom.

We offer BTEC courses in Catering & Hospitality and Hair & Beauty, where you can be trained with hands-on practices by experienced tutors in your chosen field. If you are interested in completing a work-placement alongside one of these a full time courses, we can partner you with a dedicated team member who will focus on finding you the most relevant placement to fit your current requirements.

Benefits of completing work-experience alongside your course are:

  • Gain confidence and self-esteem
  • Give you a head start in knowing what type of job you will want to go into after finishing your course
  • Improve your technical skills and further the learning from your college course
  • Be prioritised for future job opportunities and apprenticeship vacancies
  • Take a step forward professionally, knowing the behaviours expected in the workplace
  • Increase your CV and your ability to gain a job
  • Boost your UCAS application for university

We have recently introduced T-Level qualifications to our training offering, where you spend 80% of your time training in the classroom and 20% of your time in the workplace on an industry placement, putting the skills you have learnt into action. A T-Levels course is equivalent to completing 3 A levels, giving you an excellent qualification and industry experience after the 2 years are up.

Unfortunately, we do not yet offer T-Level qualifications in some the sectors listed above, but to find out about the T-Level qualifications we do offer, you can visit here

Are you looking to grow your workforce in the service sectors?

Even though we are no longer a provider of apprenticeships in the service sectors listed above, we still have incredible opportunities for employers to take on students in these areas.

Employers are still able to offer students industry-based placements in the mentioned sectors either through a T-Levels programme or work placements, however they will not be able to take on a full-time apprentice in the areas listed.

By taking on a work placement or T-Levels student you can still fill your skills gaps, increase productivity and efficiency, and increase motivation across your internal teams – whilst providing a student with meaningful experience to develop their skill-set.

Even though you may be looking for an apprentice in Hairdressing and Beauty or Catering and Hospitality, have you ever considered developing a different part of your business and taking on an apprentice in this area? We offer apprenticeships in Business & Professional, Customer Service, Accounting and much more, giving you a cost effective and sustainable way to help build and grow a strong workforce in ways you may not have considered before!

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If you are a potential student or employer, to find out more about the information provided above, you can contact our placements team at placements@mbro.ac.uk

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