Northern Skills Group apprenticeship and training courses develop highly-skilled employees and ensures businesses benefit from an effective and efficient workforce. But don’t take our word for it, read the feedback below from employers.

Learner Case Studies

Paul Mckeown
Commis Chef Apprenticeship

Northern Skills Group Success Stories

When working at The Falcon as a pot washer, Paul's boss approached him and asked him if he’d like to progress and train as a Chef.

“I already really enjoyed the industry and working environment, so when I was asked if I’d take an apprenticeship, I didn’t give it a second thought!”

Paul’s employer got in touch with  Northern Skills Group and discussed the options for Paul. As a result, he was placed on the Commis Chef Apprenticeship standard and is now the first Northern Skills Group apprentice to pass this exam board!

“Although it was a lot of hard work I’m so pleased I went for it! I was a bit worried with the new exam board but everyone involved was so helpful and supportive with me. I am now working as a Chef in The Falcon and I could not be happier.”

Northern Skills Group Success Stories Main

“I am really enjoying my apprenticeship in Digital Marketing with MABO media. I receive training in pay per click advertising and I am now training in data analysis. Once I have completed my apprenticeship I will be a Data Analyst with MABO which I am very excited about! I love my role and it’s great to also get paid whilst training. I would recommend an apprenticeship as learning on the job has been an ideal way for me to gain skills, knowledge and confidence.”

Rob Jackson, the Operations Director at MABO said “Matt is a great part of the team and here at MABO we are always looking to develop new talent through our apprenticeship route. We have worked with a few different training providers before using Northern Skills Group, the apprenticeship training arm of Middlesbrough College and from the first point of contact I knew it was the best provider we had worked with. NSG is efficient and we know that Middlesbrough College provides a high quality of education which is reflected through our apprentice’s. The training our apprentice’s receive is solid and supplements their work at MABO. NSG know what we need and never fail to deliver it.” 

Alex Robson
ILM Leadership and Management Apprenticeship

Northern Skills Group Testimonials

Alex is currently a Branch Manager at Darlington Building Society and won the Apprentice of the Year Award 2019 at Middlesbrough College.

“The ILM qualification in leadership and management has helped me to motivate my team and helped me to work with different types of individuals. The course is a good mix of practical and theoretical work and my course tutors have supported me well.

“I have been promoted in my job role since studying for my ILM and I believe this qualification helped me enormously.”

Northern Skills Group Testimonials

"I have always been a hands on learner so knew  I wanted to work rather than study at university, the apprenticeship has given me great opportunities and I have progressed from Level 2 to 3 and then on to full time employment with my employer. I would strongly recommend that anyone who is looking for an alternative approach to study to look into an apprenticeship."

Joseph Elliot
Level 2 and Level 3 Site Joinery Apprenticeship

Site Joinery Apprenticeship

"I really wanted hands on experience when leaving school so I decided an apprenticeship was the best route for me to go down.

When looking into my options, Middlesbrough College exceeded others in the area. The facilities on offer are fantastic much like the staff. There's just a lot on offer!

I've just finished up with my apprenticeship and have a full-time job with Broadacres lined up - it's great to have progressed with a company and be offered a permanent position. 

Through my level 1 and level 2 apprenticeship I've learned so much about the industry and I've also massively developed as a person.

If you're considering becoming an apprentice - go for it!"

Felicity Kennaugh
Civil Engineering Apprentice

Engineering testimonial

“I went straight into an apprenticeship from finishing school as I knew I wanted to get into work straight away - the independence and learning about the industry hands on really appealed to me.

Civil Engineering has always been an interest of mine so when the opportunity came up to apply for an apprenticeship with TSP Projects I knew I had to go for it! Every day is so different and busy, I spread my week out over being in the office at York, working on-site and coming to Middlesbrough College.

Being a female in an engineering work environment is definitely not how some may perceive it, our office is very varied and no one treats you any differently for being female – everyone is expected to do their job to the best of their ability.

One great thing about the sites I visit is they have introduced PPE in female sizes as well which is great, especially from a health and safety point of view as wearing the wrong size PPE can be quite dangerous.

I would say to anyone thinking of doing an apprenticeship to do it! I’m only 17 and I have already started my career, learnt to use valuable software like CAD and I am also earning while I learn which is a bonus! I've gained to much experience and I'm seen as an adult. Be prepared to put in the work but know it will pay off!"

Paul Lobley

"I would recommend Middlesbrough College for weld testing. The facilities and welding equipment are excellent. Kevin and the team have done a great job getting this department to the high standard that it is."

Victoria Adams
Business Administration Apprentice

Northern Skills Group Apprentice Testimonials

I started with Northern Skills Group as a Level 2 Business Admin Apprentice at ElringKlinger in June 2016. I really enjoy the practical element of the job, working in the HR department my role will vary from organising and booking training session, raising purchase orders of supporting with information needed for external audits. I progressed on to my Level 3 Apprenticeship in Business Administration which I completed this year and am now employed as a full time member of staff at ElringKlinger.  I would 100% recommend an apprenticeship, you earn your own money while learning and gain invaluable experience!

Charlotte Frewin
Level 3 Business Administration Apprenticeship

Business Admin Apprenticeship

Charlotte Frewin, from Lazenby started her apprenticeship in Business Administration in May 2016 at the Centre for Process Innovation, a centre which supports the UK process manufacturing industry by helping organisations develop next generation products and processes.

Charlotte’s apprenticeship was supported by Northern Skills Group, Middlesbrough College’s apprenticeship and training company who worked with CPI to ensure Charlotte had the best possible learning experience.

Charlotte found the whole experience very rewarding, especially being able to learn new skills a real working environment:

“I enjoy working at CPI because it is a fast paced working environment, the role is challenging and every day is different.  Everyone working at CPI is approachable and supportive when it comes to completing my college work.”

Middlesbrough College Success Stories

"Working as a Technical Assistant Apprentice at Avenium has given me a head start in my career by not only helping me achieve my qualification and put my learnings from my course into practise but also helping me develop softer skills needed for the world of work.

"I decided on an apprenticeship because I wanted some responsibility and preferred working hands-on. I feel like the apprenticeship has helped me mature as a person, I am hoping to stay on at Avenium and eventually do my HNC and HND in Engineering."

Northern Skills Group Success Stories

"I have only recently started my apprenticeship but I already love it. I am gaining great experience while studying and earning a wage which is fantastic!  I really enjoy working in a practical environment so an apprenticeship is ideal, I plan to progress on to my Level 3 Apprenticeship in Accountancy and continue my career with Avenium."

Northern Skills Group Success Stories

"I started at Avenium as a business admin apprentice and have recently been promoted to manage the team. I am now on the Level 3 Leadership and Management Apprenticeship which is giving me the right skills and knowledge for my new role. My Assessor at Northern Skills Group and my Line Manager have both been really supportive, the support has helped me realise my full potential.

"I prefer to learn by doing so an apprenticeship is the perfect fit, if you want to gain experience while you learn do an apprenticeship. You’ll also get paid which is a bonus!"

Owen Frost
Work Placement at JH Mechanical Serviced Ltd

Northern Skills Group Testimonials

"So far my work placement has been very interesting and enjoyable, I feel like I have learnt such much already in such a short amount of time and I am excited to continue.

"I really like how each day is different, I enjoy going out and about to different places to work on different jobs.

"I think it will really help because it is exactly the job I want and the fact I get to go to college alongside it will help me to learn even more for the future."

Richie Horkan
Work Placement at JH Mechanical Serviced Ltd

Northern Skills Group Testimonials

"I’m really enjoying my work placement and I feel like I am learning something new each day.

"I enjoy being out and about working on real problems, not only am I learning how to fix them but I am also learning how to identify them before they become a problem.

"I feel the experience here will benefit me as it will help me to have a better understanding of the jobs ready for when I finish."